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RSS feed handling

  • RSS ordering: should honour item’s guid element value (items downloaded more than once should overwrite existing items with the same guid) and item’s pubDate value, regardless of when the individual item was actually downloaded or “pushed”;
  • (nice-to-have) RSS viewing layout: “conversation view” based on item’s title element value (like in Microsoft Outlook);
  • RSS formatting: better support for styled content.

-- As requested by Infarinato

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Hi Mickaël,

what's the state of the guid adjustments? Is this implemented already? We're having problems with the RSS Feed of one of our customers, which leans on the optional guid element of an item.

Would be great to get some updates about this.




Hello Tommy,

This is still pending topic. 

Thanks for your feedback.

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Hey Mickaël,

thanks for your response. Any ETA for this? ;)

From developer to developer: is it a big effort to implement this? Is it possible to support the development or something?
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