ejabberd Business Edition provides many benefits for large scale high-performance deployments

Enhanced clustering mode

In open source ejabberd, all the sessions informations are replicated across all the nodes in the cluster. This puts a limit in term of what type of scalability a cluster can reach. You hit the limit of you cluster size when replication starts becoming too costly.

ejabberd Business Edition considerably increase the scalability of the platform by changing core clustering mechanism of ejabberd. This is done by reducing the need for whole cluster replication.

Enhanced clustering mode also improve cluster management and reduce downtime:

It is more resistant to bad network conditions between the node and reduce netsplit and associated downtime

It offer mechanism to add and remove nodes on the fly. Node removal can migrate the session gracefully and and shutdown the node only after the traffic on that node has gracefully been reduced.

Improved server-to-server connections

Performance of s2s service has been considerably improved with better management of the s2s connections and faster routing.

Memory optimisation

ejabberd Business Edition reduces memory consumption, allowing for supporting more users per nodes and thus increasing the overload scalability of the platform.