ejabberd Business Edition makes XMPP suitable for use on mobile devices, taking into account battery, bandwidth limitation and fast changing network conditions.

Here are the main features of ejabberd Business edition for mobiles:

  • Push notification support: Apple APNS and Google GCM support is built into the server. Push is tight to presence. Fallback mechanism are also trigger when the user session is opened but the TCP/IP socket has been detached.
  • No message loss and end-to-end traceability: ejabberd Business edition support acknoledgement mechanism, that is both bandwidth efficient. It allows end-to-end traceability and give feedback to the user about the state of his messages.
  • Fast reconnect / rebind: When a client lose the connection for a while, its session is not closed ad it can reattach to it until the session timeout is reached.
  • Multi-devices support: Mobile environment has to cope with multiples devices, like a tablet and a smartphone. You need to properly copy the messages between devices and sync history.
  • Fast detection of connection loss: Usually, server detect the loss of the client in 30 seconds. It means that presence is more accurate and that the no XMPP packets are send over a dead TCP/IP socket.
  • Bandwidth optimisation when reattaching to the a running session: Only the relevant packets are send. The "hush" mode can even be triggered by the client when the session is still running.
  • Roster versioning: This limit the need to download roster which is usually large and bandwidth consuming