Short answer

Emails can be received in your Boxcar inbox by forwarding them to a special email address we provide.
Your special email address is shown under "Account Information -> Forward Email".

Long answer

Prerequisite: Boxcar 1.0.1

Get your Boxcar Forward email

All emails send to your special Boxcar email address ( will be received to your device. This is all you need.
  • Go into your Boxcar General settings (from root screen):

  • Copy your forward email address, which is of the form '':

Example: Configure GMail to forward you emails to Boxcar

All your email send to your Boxcar email address are delivered to your device. However, you can automate this by forwarding a copy of all or part of the emaile coming to your primary email address to your Boxcar address. This section explains how to do this with GMail.

  • Get to your Gmail account settings:

  • And focus on the Forwarding options:

  • Add a new forwarding address for your email:

  • Pass your Boxcar forwarding address to Gmail:

  • Proceed:

  • Gmail tell you it has send you an email with a code to verify you own the email address:

  • Google has send you an email that arrives in your Boxcar inbox. You can send put that code in the Gmail interface to verify that your own the email address. The code if of the form #123567890. Use only the digits in the form:

  • Finish the setup of the forwarding of the mail, by enabling the forward to your newly set address and save the settings: