Short answer

Make sure your Twitter account is configured to receive notification for Lists and add all users for which you want notification in list @YourTwitterName/boxcar.

Be patient: It can takes up to 15 minutes for the server to detect your new Twitter account list and start sending notifications for new content.

Long answer

Step 1: Manage your list in Twitter

You need to have all your users you want notification for in a Twitter list called 'Boxcar', for your Twitter account.
The benefit of using a list is that you do not need to follow the users to add them in a list.

Here a a few example steps showing how to use Twitter list for Twitter website, but you could also manage lists from your favorite Twitter client.
  • Edit your Twitter profile

  • If needed create a Twitter list in the list management screen. If you have already a list that contains all the users that you want to track, you can simply rename it 'Boxcar'.

  • List must be named 'Boxcar' to received notification in Boxcar 2.

  • Add users as you wish to a list. There is an option on their profile:

  • You can select which lists your user should be in. A single user can be into several lists:

Step 2: Configure Boxcar iOS

Once you have users in the Boxcar list on Twitter you can receive notification for those users. Note that you can disable 'Friends' notification while doing so to avoid receiving too much notification, especially if you follow a lot of people. Following a list of users instead allow you to be more focused. 

Make sure your Twitter account is configured to support list notifications:
  • Enter edit source mode:

  • Edit Twitter source configuration:

  • Go to Twitter notifications Parameter screen:

  • Make sure list notification is selected